I just finished two monster projects for Ethan.  I am so proud of this monster shirt I just made!  I got this idea from a Mini Boden shirt I recently saw while searching for monster patterns.  I am so proud of my sewing, much better than Madeline’s number two shirt!
I also made this silly little pillow monster.  He turned out way better in my mind.  I  forgot to sew the facial features on first.  In the end I just drew on the face.  I wanted to make the pillows face the same as the shirt. 
And yes, I am really writing this post at 1:20 am, as I am just now finishing up a few presents.  Who knew a homemade Christmas would take so long!!! 

By the way, I am not sure what is going on with the photos.  However, at 1:30, I do not care enough to solve the problem!!