Madeline turned two on Wednesday!  She has had three celebrations, whew.  The festivities started with a friend and family party on Saturday.  The  party was held at an  indoor playground at her mother’s day out.  We all had such a wonderful time.  For presents, we had a book exchange.  We are so excited to have new stories to read. 
Then on Wednesday, Madeline awoke to a homemade banner, crown, shirt and a few treasures.    We then went to Chuck E Cheese’s for lunch which was nice but exhausting. 
For dinner we ate pancakes, veggie sausage and pineapple as requested from the birthday girl.  We then celebrated her official day with a very simple Montessori activity.  Madeline traveled around a globe two times while we each said things we like about her and talked about her birth story.  This was so nice and relaxing.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.  We all love you very much.