I am so glad I found this idea on The Artful Parent’s blog yesterday.  We changed ours up a little, as Ethan thought he would like to make Christmas trees instead.  Both kids had a great time making these.  I confirmed that I am not so good with details, such as, making sure all the edges line up, etc.  Somehow ours did not come out in long rows!  I made it work by turning the trees into a larger tree. Each day the kids will pull off an ornament and find an activity to do.
Here is a list of some of my favorite things we will be doing:
Make snowman art, pray for people in need, make salt dough ornaments as a family, make forts, deliver hand warmers to the homeless at a local park, pop popcorn and make hot chocolate and enjoy with a Christmas movie, make snowflakes…

Ethan was so excited this morning to pull off the first activity!