We have had a busy two weeks.  We have been learning about dinosaurs, bats and other creepy crawlies!  We really are having a great time learning!  What I have discovered is that at the end of each week, neither one of us is satisfied with what we have learned.  We have a great need to keep learning and keep finding new facts.  I am so thrilled by this.  That is what learning should be about. 

During dinosaur week, Ethan made dino fossils, compared tracks, classified all the different types of dinos, and ended with a trip to see dinosaur bones.  During bat week, we made a bat cave, played a game about echolocation, hung upside down, and flapped around for days like bats!! 

The cave, which we have made several times before to read in(but never called it a cave), was so much fun!  The cave quickly became a caveman hide out, an indian tee pee, a dinosaur cave, and so much more! 

Ethan even went roller skating for the first time, with our local homeschool group.  He sure fell a lot, but he never gave up!  I was so proud of him.

We are taking a little time off next week to focus on Fall art and to read all the books we want!!  I wish you the best with whatever you and your family set out to achieve.