I can not believe we are four weeks into homeschooling!  I was so nervous on the first day of school!  I was so scared wondering if we had made the right choice.  That all changed 15 minutes after we started!!  We are still going strong and loving it. 

The first week we focused on “All about me”  activities.  Ethan made a very colorful life size self portrait.  We are now learning about apples and about Johnny Appleseed!  Today we bought six different kinds of apples and made a graph to see which apple was liked the best.  Gala won out!  He also drew the parts of an apple, didn’t he do so good?

On average “school” is lasting anywhere from an hour and a half to 3 hours, with learning going on all the time.  Ethan seems to love all the subjects, however, he gets frustrated a bit with reading.

Madeline loves tagging along learning right beside us.  She enjoys singing and coloring the most!