Hidden Texture Rub:  Ethan had such a great time finding textures on our texture hunt/nature rubbings, that I decided to try something different.  This time I taped a few objects to his art table and taped a piece of paper over the objects.  He then had to first feel them and try to guess what they were.  This proved to be somewhat of a challenge.  The next step was to make a rubbing using crayons to try and see what the objects were.  It took him a while, but he soon discovered what at first looked like a butterfly was a pair of scissors.


Ice Treasures:  I saw a great idea to freeze little objects in water and then let the kids work at getting them out.  We decided to try this and both kids really enjoyed this.  I gave them forks,warm water in a bowl and warm water in a squeeze bottle.  While this entertained them, it only lasted about 15 minutes.  Next time, I am going to give them small droppers instead of a big squirt bottle!!  See Let’s Explore under the blogroll for more info. on this project.