Our little Madeline is such a curious little girl.  She loves to make messes just about everyday.  I recently gave the kids a few things to get creative and messy with.

Shaving Cream:  What kid can resist playing in shaving cream? We have played with shaving cream quite a bit. Usually at the table where it mostly stays on their hands.  Well, I decided to let the kids play with it outside in a large bucket.  It quickly got everywhere(which is what I secretly hoped for)!  I did not think Madeline would paint herself!  Within seconds she was covered, that’s my girl. 

Face Crayons:  We recently played circus at my children’s art studio and we all had so much fun decorating our faces that I decided to bring the crayons home for more creative play.  What I got was a very entranced one year old at the art table!  I love how she decorated her face and then moved on to her legs and arms.  I wish I had a picture of Ethan at art class.  He looked like a tiger.

Texture Rub: Ethan and I recently enjoyed a texture hunt!  We looked outside for different textures to add to our paper.  I love his handwriting.  He loved this project and asked to keep his artwork forever!

I hope you had a great Fourth of July.  We enjoyed the day.  I will post a picture of the cake I made and “fun” summer drinks soon.