What is it about picnics that are so magical for children(adults as well)?  We have had a few picnics this week and we have enjoyed every minute of them.  From picking out the perfect food to finding the right spot, It has truly felt magical!  We even had a teddy bear picnic, which is not new to us at all!  The kids really love “inviting”   stuffed friends to join us!

Cloud Watching:  We have always looked up and tried to find things in the clouds.  Sadly, we have never spread out a blanket and laid  down to view the clouds, until this week.  What a relaxing and peaceful time.  We loved it so much we did it the next day as well. Ethan somehow always spots dragons!

I always feel like when I am trying to take pictures of the kids I am so worried about the perfect shot that I sometimes get lost in the actual moment.  My goal this week was to take less pictures and spend more time living in the moment.  I am happy to report it has worked!!  I still took my camera with me every where I went,  it just  stayed in the bag a little more. 

I encourage you and your family to lay out a blanket wherever you may be and look up to the clouds!  Perhaps you will see the same dragon as us!