With all the rain we have had lately, we got a surprise visit from a toad.  Not that toads are uncommon here, it was just fun for the kids to see him.  With encouragement from Ethan, Madeline finally worked up the courage to touch him.  Once she did, she could not stop laughing!  She enjoyed his unusual texture.  Ethan thought he needed more water, so he dumped a bowl of water on him.  This made him hop away, which excited Madeline even more.  She tried to retell this story to the best of her little baby abilities all day! 


I added a bowl of tiny squares cut out of construction paper to the art table.  Madeline has really enjoyed this and she has been busy making pictures. She hasn’t quite got the idea of how to actually glue things together yet!  She sticks the paper squares on her picture then puts the glue on top of the squares. 

Coupon Book:

Ethan made a very simple coupon book for John, complete with adorable pictures.  He got a little bit confused today though when he asked me if he could use a coupon (the dessert one of course)!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Father’s day.  I have been enjoying the excitement on Ethan’s face when he gives John little presents.  What joy!  We have many surprises to come.  Our highlight has been using our new grill, for veggie burgers!!