Hello to all who may read this!  This is my first time to actually create a blog.  I want to jump straight into it without too much of an introduction!  I am writing this blog to share the many fun and creative things we do on a daily basis together.  It is my hope to get our family and friends who live near and far away connected even more with our day to day lives. We have decided to homeschool my son next year.  So it is also my hope to document our journey and adventures here.

My name is Sara and I have two children Ethan(5) and Madeline(15 months), I also have a very loving husband. I enjoy spending every waking minute with my family! I try my hardest to be a parent who nurtures creativity and the gift imagination.  I have a degree in studio art and therefore I thoroughly enjoy the process of making art and creating new projects with my children. I hope to inspire you to share the gift of art with your family.

Today we awoke to snow!  my little one, of 15 months, loved looking out the window.  She loved it even more once she got to go outside, until her glove fell off and her hand got cold.  Ethan and I enjoyed making an igloo.  Later we shared a big bowl of snow ice cream.

Here is a list of the fun things we did today:

We of course played in the snow, we drew pictures on the window with window markers, we colored pictures in the snow with water that was colored with food coloring, we played a game of “table tennis” (a great drawing game inspired from The Artful Parent’s blog) how you play is, one person draws a picture or series of lines and the other person copies the image on their half of the page.  Our picture turned out quite interesting.

We also ended our super fun day with a family shadow puppet show.  We had a great time putting on different skits from the cut outs we created.  Ethan made an adorable bunny.  His bunny was scared of clouds since he had never seen one before, due to the fact that he spent his days in his rabbit hole! We had laughed so much at all of the different scenarios the animal got themselves into! (I found this idea in the wonderful new book written by Amanda Blake Soule called The Creative Family).  It is such a simple and refreshing book.

I hope you will grow to love hearing about my family.  I leave you with the thought of the howling wind blowing snow all around my warm and cozy house.